Dog Boarding

Dog Boarding

We welcome your dog into a happy caring environment. We know every dog is an individual but one thing they all thrive on is routine.

This is provided by our dedicated staff who are trained to a minimum standard of NVQ II in animal care.

All our modern accommodation offers each dog or dogs from the same family spacious bright warm rooms with adjoining covered patios.

  • Good quality food
  • Fresh, clean bedding
  • Year round climate control
  • Constant access to fresh water
  • Daily, thorough cleaning of their accommodation
  • Exercise in our large exercise runs 3 times a day
  • A walk around our 1/4 and 1/2 mile woodland walkways
  • A secure, spacious and comfortable environment
  • And most importantly our care, attention and TLC at all times from our team!

We have 16 separate kennel blocks with adjoining large exercise areas all set in landscaped grounds. The brick built blocks house a total of 138 separate rooms.

These are in single lines, a corridor with windows on one side and an adjoining covered patio on the other; the rooms are all divided by a solid wall. An average sized room for a single dog is 1.8 x 1.8m ( 6’x 6’) with the adjoining covered patio 1.8 x 3m ( 6’ x 10’). Family rooms average 2.5 x 3m (8’ x 10’).

We had this cross section drawn of a typical kennel block here at Newgate (click image to enlarge):


All the blocks are heated and have cavity wall insulation. Combined with insulated roofs and double glazed windows they stay nice and warm in the winter (minimum temperature 20 oC). During the summer the through ventilation keeps the rooms nice and cool. The flooring is a special composite, with a rubberised finish which makes it easy to clean and of course soft to touch.

We supply all dogs with a plastic bed and comfy fleece lining (Vetbed). Dogs have access to fresh, clean water at all times – we regularly check their water and top it up, change it as required. Both the staff and boarders enjoy listening to piped Radio 2 music during the day!

exerciseAll rooms have adjoining covered patios. During warmer weather dogs can access the patios throughout the day.

The kennel blocks each have their own adjoining exercise areas. Dogs are individually exercised in these 3 times a day for up to ¾ of an hour each time.

Within the kennels extensive grounds of over 16 acres we have a series of woodland walkways protected by a 2 metre high security fence.

medicationWe will be pleased to discuss the care of your pet with you.

We care for pets with special needs, including diabetes, paraplegics and other on-going (non contagious) medical conditions.

We are well versed with the very old and the very young. We treat all of our visitors as individuals.

If your pet is on medication we can continue to administer it for you. We will record the details of the medication when you arrive. It is essential that medication arrives in its original container. If it is ongoing please ensure there is enough for their stay and extra in case you are delayed on your return journey.

Pets that are on more than simple medication will incur and additional charge.

It is our policy to contact a pet’s own registered vet in case of any problems. In addition we are fortunate enough to have excellent relations with our local mobile vet, Claire McArdle.

feedingWe stock a wide selection of foods, both wet and dried, e.g. Skinners, James Wellbeloved, Wafcol, Nature Diet, Pedigree Chum, etc.

Please contact us to check we have the food your pet(s) requires. We do ask if your pet is on any special diet (vegetables, meat, etc.), a prescribed diet,(Hills J/D, i/d, etc.) or an organic diet, that you please bring this food with you, whilst your pet is staying with us. We do have fridges and freezers available to store certain foods and any medication which needs to be kept refrigerated.

We usually feed the dogs twice a day (breakfast and tea) but this can be altered to keep close to your dogs feeding routine at home.

We require all dogs staying at Newgate Kennels to be up-to-date with both their annual booster vaccine and kennel cough vaccine (see below). There are a number of annual vaccines available of which some components are only given every two to three years. If in doubt we advise informing your vet that your dog is going into kennels and seeking his/her advice.

Unlike the name suggests “kennel cough” is not restricted to kennels. Boarding kennels cannot produce the disease, it has to be brought in by a carrier or an infected dog. Dogs can catch the disease anywhere they meet, eg. parks, shows, training classes and even veterinary waiting rooms. The disease is transmitted from dog to dog by breathing in infected airborne particles (in a similar way to how human colds are passed).

The annual vaccination booster your dog receives does protect against some of the componants, eg. the viral form Para Influenza. However, there are different vaccines available, which all provide effective protection (90% success rate) against the bacterium Bordetella bronchiseptica. These vaccines are given as droplets up your dog’s nose and stimulate very strong immunity.

The safety, health and well being of your dog whilst boarding with us is paramount, because of this, we insist that all dogs boarding throughout the year must be covered by the kennel cough vaccine.

Dogs must be up to date with their flea and worming treatments when they come in to board with us. We highly recommend that all our clients purchase and use flea and worming treatment from their vets.

Please ensure your dog(s) arrive and depart in a safe manner on a lead. On arrival if you require assistance please leave your dog(s) in the car and ask at reception. We are more than happy to help take your dog(s) to or from the car.

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If you have any questions or worries at all, then please do not hesitate to contact us on 01625 525409.

Your pets are more than just pets, they're family too!

Here at Newgate Kennels & Cattery we understand that...

..which is why our philosophy is to treat your pet just how you would – with care and affection. Call us for a quick chat or why not look at more of the website. All the photographs were taken here at Newgate Kennels.