Small Animal Boarding Prices

Small Animal Boarding Prices

All animals are individually priced according to needs

The Boarding prices below are a general guide as pets are priced according to their needs.

There is a reduction for animals (from the same family) sharing an enclosure.

Please note: our pricing structure changed from 1st January 2022 – Please click here for more information

  • Boarding charges include food, heating, exercise, insurance and VAT.
  • Our daily charge runs from 2.00 pm. A full days board will be charged for the first day and for the day of collection if your pet(s) is collected after 2.00 pm.
  • Day Creche- this will be charged at the 4-6 day rate.
  • All public holidays will incur a supplement of 1 days board per animal boarding.
  • No reductions can be made for animals brought in after or collected before the board dates.
  • Existing clients can pay on collection of the pets, we accept cash, cheques credit and debit cards.

Bookings of 1-14 days (including day creche) we ask for 7 days notice.

  • Less than 7 days (from start of board) – 1 days board (at 1-3 day rate)
  • Less than 24 hours or no notification – 25% of the board (min charge of 1 day)

Bookings of more than 14 days, we ask for the same period, to cancel or shorten.
e.g. for a booking of 21 days, we require 21 days notice.

A period of notice given less than the period booked 25% of the board (min charge of 1 day).


E.g. Rabbits and Parrots

From - £6.00 /Day
  • 1 Pet £6.00
  • 2 Pets Sharing £5.50 each
  • 3 Pets Sharing £5.00 each


E.g. Guinea Pigs and Tortoise

From - £4.25 /Day
  • 1 Pet £4.25
  • 2 Pets Sharing £3.75 each
  • 3 Pets Sharing £3.25 each


Eg. Hamsters, Budgies etc

From - £3.25 /Day



    From - £2.25 /Day

      Your pets are more than just pets, they're family too!

      Here at Newgate Kennels & Cattery we understand that...

      ..which is why our philosophy is to treat your pet just how you would – with care and affection. Call us for a quick chat or why not look at more of the website. All the photographs were taken here at Newgate Kennels.