Introducing Our All New ‘Groom & Creche Day’

Introducing Our All New 'Groom & Creche Day'

We are delighted to offer clients this new service. What’s included?


  • Your dog will have it’s own room with ensuite patio
  • Access to a larger exercise run
  • A walk
  • Breakfast or lunch
  • An afternoon in the spa for their groom


The cost of the Groom & Creche is the normal groom price plus the following discounted creche; for a small dog £10 (saving of £10), for a medium dog £12 (saving £7.25) and for a large dog £14 (saving £6.50).



The Newgate Spa is open Tuesday to Saturday throughout the year.


We have morning or afternoon appointments available. To help clients who are at work all day, we can still offer an all-day appointment at no extra charge. If a dog is with us all day the groomer will ensure they get a couple of comfort breaks and have access to water. However, if you are tempted to upgrade your appointment to a Groom & Creche Day, please ask a member of staff for availability.


Examples of grooming prices for 2018


Westie, trim & bath: £33 (combined Groom & Creche £43)

Cockapoo, trim & bath: £39 (combined Groom & Creche £49.00)

Cavallier, tidy & bath: £29.50 (combined Groom & Creche £39.50)

Springer Spaniel, tidy & bath: £34 (combined Groom & Creche £46)

Labrador, bath: £28 (combined Groom & Creche £42)

Standard Poodle, trim & bath £49 (combined Groom & Creche £63)


Extra spa treatments are still available when dogs are being groomed and due to a new supplier we have been able to reduce the cost!


Blueberry Facial from £2

Spa Fresh Paw Treatment from £4

Spa Shampoo, Conditioner & Spritz from £4