Newgate Kennel’s On-site Shop

Our shop is open to the public 7 days a week
and you don’t have to be a client to use it.

Our Products:

Above are a sample of the type of products we sell in our shop. We are constantly reviewing our products and will often stock many items not listed on this page – please pop in to have a look around or contact us to see if we stock an item you are specifically looking for or for us to quote you an up-to-date price on a particular product.

Our prices are all less than Manufacturers Recommended Retail Prices guaranteed!

The feed back we get from shoppers is very positive, especially when we are told we are cheaper than some of our bigger rivals and some supermarkets, don’t just take their word for it, and compare us yourselves.

We have had numerous promotions in the shop. These are highlighted on the display board in our reception and change on a regular basis.

Past promotions have included a range of dog training aids, 20% off all foods, special Christmas stock and a bed sale with dog beds from just £1.00!

We have upgraded our loyalty sticker and card scheme, with our new all singing and all dancing till which can log all your purchases from the shop.

We can then say thank you with promotions and money off future purchases. Sign on next time you are in reception.

We get a weekly delivery from our main wholesaler. We telephone our order in each Monday morning for delivery the next day.

If you require a pet accessory or food that we don’t normally stock contact us over the weekend by phone or e-mail, and if in stock at our wholesaler, it will be here by Tuesday afternoon ready for you to collect.

Check out our Online Shop to easily order our pet foods!

Rotherwood Mill has been available from the Newgate shop for over 8 years

Your pets are more than just pets, they're family too!

Here at Newgate Kennels & Cattery we understand that...

..which is why our philosophy is to treat your pet just how you would – with care and affection. Call us for a quick chat or why not look at more of the website. All the photographs were taken here at Newgate Kennels.